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I witnessed Maria Drogell, which is the district manager at Chapel Hill Mall speak to an employee so harshly in which the employee started to cry uncontrollably!!! I have never seen anyone being spoken to so disrespectly before.

Iover heard her stating to this African American young lady to "look at me when am talking to you" as if this was her child. Not called for at all!!! This young lady was crying so badly that Maria Drogell added "I'm glad your crying" ...

who talks to their employees this way!!! Ashame!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Charlotte Russe Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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UNC- Chapel Hill has an air of garden variety arrogance, but for reason. The institution is NOT ivy league.

It has NEVER BEEN ivy league and never will be ivy league. The institution also hires a few window dress African American staff and think they have "diversity" covered - NOT REALLY.... NOT YET.The state run school has a low pay scale. However, if you work there, you should be glad to have the privilege to do so and that makes up for the low pay - NOT.Crowded and getting more crowded with limited parking.

This comes as a result of an intense desire to remain an isolated little capsule of a community - outsiders keep out.Historical, and traditional Black community is being taxed out of their property. These properties are highly coveted by newcomers. Newcomers think they have more right to live and work in Chapel Hill.

In actuality, the descendants of these forerunners (Black families) helped to BUILD UNC- Chapel Hill University. Go figure.

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